Open late for your convenience  NetLogix realizes that most home users are at work during the day and don’t have the time to take off of work to have their computer serviced.  NetLogix is open late in order to service you on your schedule.
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7926 336th Ave. Burlington, WI 53105 Office: 414-640-2287 Fax: 262-537-3646
Please feel free to contact us any time by telephone or  email. NetLogix is available  in the evening time so don't  be afraid to call. We are located in Western  Kenosha county, right off of  HWY 50. Turn South on  HWY W (Fox River Rd.) to  JI and then follow the map.
7926 336th Ave. Burlington, WI 53105 414-640-2287
Open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm Open Saturday 10am to 2pm